Hive Removals

 Toronto Bee Rescue can provide humane removal of honeybee colonies in the Greater Toronto Area and South Central Ontario. If you suspect that you have an established hive, please contact us for more information.   

We will verify that they are honeybees. Review your specific situation and determine where the honeybee hive is located. Based on the location, we will advise you of the methods available for removal.   

Our hive removal services include the removal of the honeybees, brood, wax and honey. We scrape the area clean and then seal the cavity. We seal the area to prevent other honeybee colonies from reoccupying the same area. 

Note:  We strongly recommend that you do not spray the bees with pesticides. Pesticides will kill the honeybee colony, but you will be left with rotting bees, brood, honey and wax in your home. This will then attract other critters to your home and may cause further damage.  

Contact us at with your situation and any photos of the bees. 

Our service area covers south central area. If you need a honeybee hive removed, contact us for a free quote.