Swarm Collection

Toronto Bee Rescue removes honeybee swarms in the GTA. The service is provided at no charge, when the swarm is located in an easily accessible location.

When a honeybee swarm has landed on your property, please contact us as soon as possible. Honeybee swarms may only rest for a few hours to a few days. As they wait, scout bees search for a new home, which might be a cavity within an unsuspecting homeowner's house.
We can be contacted at (416) 809-5669 or via email at

Hive Removals

Toronto Bee Rescue can provide humane removal of honeybee colonies in the Greater Toronto Area. If you suspect that you have an established hive, please contact us for more information.

We will verify that they are honeybees. Review your specific situation and determine where the honeybee hive is located. Based on the location, we will advise you of the methods available for removal.

Our hive removal services include the removal of the honeybees, brood, wax and honey. We scrape the area clean and then seal the cavity. We seal the area to prevent other honeybee colonies from reoccupying the same area. Note:

We strongly recommend that you do not spray the bees with pesticides. Pesticides will kill the honeybee colony, but you will be left with rotting bees, brood, honey and wax in your home. This will then attract other critters to your home and may cause further damage.

Apiary Management/Hive Hosting

We can collaborate with you if you own a bee-friendly property to host a hive on. If you would like to witness or get hands on experience beekeeping, this may a great opportunity for you to do just that. In order to host a hive, you must:

-   have enough distance between you and your neighbour's property to  

   harmoniously coexist  

-   have pollinator friendly foliage on or near your property (within a 5km


-   have a nearby source of water

If you are interested in hosting a honeybee hive, contact us at (416) 809-5669 or for more information. 

Education/Bee Yard Tours

Custom Honey Bottling